Atari 2600 Homebrew List

Game Title Classification
2003 AtariAge Holiday Cart Demo & Non-Game
2004 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Qb Homebrew
2005 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Reindeer Rescue Homebrew
2005 MiniGame MultiCart Homebrew
2006 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Toyshop Trouble Homebrew
2007 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Stella's Stocking Homebrew
2014 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Stay Frosty 2 - Stay Frostier Homebrew
2048 2600 Homebrew
2600 Post-It Note Demo & Non-Game
2nd Dimension, The Homebrew
3D Genesis Reproduction
3D Ghost Attack! Reproduction
3D Havoc Reproduction
3D Rubik's Cube Reproduction
4K4U Demo & Non-Game
A Better Pac-Man Hack
A Slow Year Demo & Non-Game
A.C.I.D. 2: Your Face Is Goo Homebrew
A.I. Project Homebrew
Acid Drop Reproduction
Acid Trip Hack
Actionauts Reproduction
Adventure Plus Hack
Air Raid Reproduction
Alamogordo Landfill Hack
Alfred Challenge Homebrew
Alien Adventures Homebrew
Alien Greed Homebrew
Alien Greed II Homebrew
Alien Greed 3 Homebrew
Alien Greed 4 Homebrew
Alien Menace Hack
Allia Quest Homebrew
Alligator People Reproduction
Alphanumeric Madness Demo & Non-Game
Androman Reproduction
Another Adventure Hack
Aquaventure Reproduction
Army of Darkness Hack
Asses of Fire Homebrew
AStar Homebrew
Asterix Hack
Asteroids DC+ Hack
Asteroids Vector Edition Hack
Astrowar Hack
Atari Shot Remix Hack
Atari Synthosaur Demo & Non-Game
Atom Smasher Reproduction
Atrix Hack
Ature Homebrew
AVCS Tec Challenge Homebrew
Back Fire Homebrew
Balloon Protest Homebrew
Battle for Alderaan Hack
Battlezone TC Hack
Beanie Babies Bash! Hack
Bee-Ball Homebrew
Berzerk Renegade Hack
Berzerk VE Hack
Better Space Invaders Hack
Blair Witch Project, The Hack
Blinky Goes Up Homebrew
BLiP Football Homebrew
Bobby is Going Home Reproduction
Bobby is Going Home 2 Hack
Boggle Reproduction
Boing 2600 Demo & Non-Game
Boing 2600 2.0 Demo & Non-Game
Bomb on Pixel City Homebrew
Borgwars Asteroids Hack
Boulder Dash Homebrew
Bouncin' Baby Bunnies! Reproduction
Brokeback Atari Hack
Brik Homebrew
Bugs Bunny Reproduction
Byte Before Christmas, The Homebrew
Cabbage Patch Kids Reproduction
Candy Catcher Homebrew
Care Bears Reproduction
Cat & Mouse Hack
Cat Tracks Reproduction
Catacombs of Chaos Homebrew
Cave In Homebrew
Centipede 2000 Hack
CGE Adventures Homebrew
Chase It! Homebrew
Checked Inn Homebrew
Chetiry Homebrew
Chunkout 2600 Homebrew
Climber 5 Homebrew
Clyde's Revenge Homebrew
Coffee Cup Soccer Hack
Coke Wins Reproduction
Cola Invaders Reproduction
Colony 7 Homebrew
Colors Demo & Non-Game
Combat Redux Hack
Combat Rock Hack
Combat Two Reproduction
Confrontation Reproduction
Conquest of Mars Homebrew
Console Wars Hack
Cosmic Bowling Hack
Crack'Ed Reproduction
Crazy Balloon Homebrew
Crazy Climber Reproduction
Crazy Valet Homebrew
Cubicolor Reproduction
Cubis Homebrew
Cute Dead Things Hack
Cuttle Cart Demo & Non-Game
Cyplix PAL Hack
Cyplix NTSC Hack
Cyplix Conversion Hack
Cyplix 2: Kepone's Revenge Hack
Dark Mage Homebrew
Datatech Unknown Prototype Reproduction
Dawn of the Dead Hack
Dead of Knight Homebrew
Death Race Hack
Defender Arcade Hack
Deflektor Hack
Demons Homebrew
Depth Charge Reproduction
Desert Bus 2600 Homebrew
Dice Puzzle Reproduction
Digital Photo Album Demo & Non-Game
Digital Press Holidays: Donkey Kong Hack
Doctor Who: Rise of the Cybermen Hack
Domino Reproduction
Donald Duck's Speedboat Reproduction
Donkey Claus Hack
Donkey Kong 2600: Pauline Edition Hack
Donkey Kong Escapes! Hack
Donkey Kong Vector Hack
Doomzerk Hack
Dragon Chase Hack
Dragon Defender Reproduction
Dragonsfire! Hack
Drákōn Croisáde Hack
Duck Attack! Homebrew
Dukes of Hazzard, The Reproduction
Dukes of Hazzard 2, The Reproduction
Dumbo's Flying Circus Reproduction
Dune Reproduction
Dungeon Homebrew
DX-51 Hack
E.T. Book Cart Demo & Non-Game
E.T. Return to Earth Hack
E.T. VS H.S.W. Hack
Edtris 2600 Homebrew
Egghead Hack
Elevator Action Reproduction
Elevators Amiss Homebrew
Eli's Ladder Reproduction
Elk Attack Reproduction
Encaved Homebrew
Endless Snow Homebrew
Enigma Machine Demo & Non-Game
Entity, The Reproduction
Epic Adventure Homebrew
Escape It! Homebrew
Euchre Homebrew
Eurocon '05 Demo & Non-Game
Eurocon '07 Demo & Non-Game
Evil Dead Hack
Evil Dead 2 Hack
Evil Magician Returns Homebrew
Exorcise Hack
Explosive Diarrhea Homebrew
Extra Terrestrials Reproduction
FAILboat Homebrew
Fall Down Homebrew
Farmyard Fun Reproduction
Fatman Hack
Fat Albert Hack
Fatal Run Reproduction
Firebug Reproduction
Fish Revenge Hack
FlapPing Homebrew
Flappy Homebrew
Four Play Homebrew
Freddy VS Michael Hack
Frog Pong Reproduction
Funky Fish Reproduction
Galactopus! Homebrew
Galaxian 2000 Hack
Galaxian Arcade Hack
Game Panic Homebrew
Gamma-Attack Demo & Non-Game
Garfield Reproduction
Gate Racer 2 Homebrew
Gauntlet Reproduction
Gingerbread Man Homebrew
Globetrotter Demo & Non-Game
Glorb Hack
Goblin Chaser Homebrew
GOD Reproduction
Good Luck Charlie Brown! Reproduction
GoSub Homebrew
GoSub II Homebrew
Go Fish! Homebrew
Graz2004 Demo Demo & Non-Game
Grover's Music Maker Reproduction
Gunfight Homebrew
Guru Meditation Homebrew
H Reproduction
Halo 2600 Homebrew
Halloween Reproduction
Halloween II Hack
Halloween III Hack
Happy Birthday Patrick Demo & Non-Game
Harmony Cartridge Demo & Non-Game
Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law Hack
Haunted Adventure - Boo Hack
Haunted Adventure II: Redemption Hack
Haunted Adventure Trilogy Hack
High Bid! Hack
Holey Moley Reproduction
House on Haunted Hill Hack
HozerQuest: Thrifting Simulator Hack
Hozer Demo Demo & Non-Game
Hozer Video Games Hack
Hunchy II Homebrew
Hunger Shark Homebrew
I, Project Homebrew
I.Q. 180 Reproduction
Imagic Selector Demo & Non-Game
Immies & Aggies Reproduction
Incoming! Homebrew
Indy 500 XE Hack
Intellivision Lives Hack
INV Homebrew
INV+ Homebrew
Invisible Pac-Man Hack
Isaiah's Wii Chase Homebrew
Ixion Reproduction
Jack and the Beanstalk Homebrew
Jammed Homebrew
Jaws Hack
Jim's Heart Will Go On Demo & Non-Game
Joust Neo Hack
Joust Pong Homebrew
Jump VCS Homebrew
Jungle Jane Hack
Juno First Homebrew
Jupiter Wars Hack
K.O. Cruiser Homebrew
Kabobber Reproduction
Kaboom! Fast Food Edition Hack
Kabul! Hack
Kamikaze Saucers Reproduction
Karate Plus Hack
Kite Homebrew
Klax Reproduction
Krokodile Cartridge Demo & Non-Game
Lady Bug Homebrew
Landfill Homebrew
Lasercade Reproduction
Laserman '88 Homebrew
Laserman 2K3 Hack
The Last Ninja Homebrew
Lead Homebrew
LEDhead Homebrew
Lily's Woods Hack
Loaded4Bear Prototype
LOGO Demo Demo & Non-Game
Looping Reproduction
Lord of the Rings, The Reproduction
Lord of the Rings, The: Fellowship of the Ring Hack
Lumberman Hack
Maciver Homebrew
Mad Max Hack
Malagai Reproduction
Malagai / Gauntlet Reproduction
Mangia Reproduction
Marble Craze Homebrew
Mazy Match Reproduction
Mean Santa Homebrew
Medieval Mayhem Homebrew
Melbourne Tatty Homebrew
Meltdown Reproduction
Mental Kombat Homebrew
Merlin's Walls Homebrew
Mine Sweeper Homebrew
Mini Game Collection Homebrew
Miniature Golf+ Hack
Miniature Golf HD Hack
Miss It! Homebrew
Miss Piggy's Wedding Reproduction
Missadventure Revisited Hack
Missile Command AM / TB Hack
MMSBC Homebrew
MMSBC II Homebrew
Mondo Pong Homebrew
Monster Ball Homebrew
Mr. Roboto Hack
Muncher Hack
Muncher Homebrew
Music Machine Reproduction
Mole Hunter Reproduction
MultiCart Demo Demo & Non-Game
Mysterious Thief Reproduction
Mystery Science Theater 2600 Hack
N.E.R.D.S. Homebrew
National Breast Cancer Foundation Cart Demo & Non-Game
Nepharious Atarious Keponic Remix Demo & Non-Game
Non-Tendo R.O.B. Demo & Non-Game
Nuts Reproduction
NWCGE Invaders Hack
Obelix Reproduction
Okie Dokie Homebrew
Omicron Homebrew
OSU: The Streak Hack
Oystron Homebrew
Pac-Law Hack
Pac-Man (Ebivision) Homebrew
Pac-Man 4K Homebrew
Pac-Man and Ghost Song Demo & Non-Game
Pac-Man and Ghost Song: B-side Demo & Non-Game
Pac-Man Arcade Hack
Pac-Zerk Voice Enhanced Hack
Pac Invaders Hack
Pac Invaders 2.0 Hack
Pac Pollux Hack
Parachute Reproduction
Packrat Hack
Pepsi Invaders Reproduction
Pepsi Loses Hack
Pesco Homebrew
Phantasm Hack
Phantom II / Pirate  Homebrew
Pharoah's Curse Reproduction
Pick 'N' Pile Reproduction
Pick Up Reproduction
Pigs in the Castle Homebrew
Pinata Homebrew
Pineapple 2000 Hack
Pink Floyd Adventure Hack
Pink Panther, The Reproduction
Pinky's Tennis Hack
Pleaides Reproduction
Poker Squares Homebrew
Polo Reproduction
Polybuis Homebrew
Pong 2-D Hack
Poo: Because Crap Happens! Hack
Poseidon Hack
Power Lords Reproduction
Power Off Homebrew
Prehistoric Times Homebrew
Pressure Gauge Homebrew
PRGE X Homebrew
Princess Rescue Homebrew
Pyramid War Reproduction
Quadrun Reproduction
Qb Homebrew
Racer Reproduction
Rainbow Invaders Homebrew
Ralph Lauren Polo Reproduction
RAM-PONG Homebrew
Rambo in Afghanistan Hack
Raster Fahndung Homebrew
Real Donkey Kong Hack
RealSports Basketball Reproduction
Realm of No!, The Homebrew
Red Sea Crossing Reproduction
Reflex Homebrew
Reindeer Rescue Homebrew
Rescue Bira Bira Hack
Return of Mario Bros. Hack
Revenge of the Apes Reproduction
Rime of the Ancient Mariner Part 1 of 7 Demo & Non-Game
Road Duel Homebrew
Road Warriors Homebrew
Rocket Pod Homebrew
Rush Hour Reproduction
S.A.C. Alert Reproduction
S.I. Plix Hack
Saboteur Reproduction
Santa's Helper Hack
Save Mary! Reproduction
Save Our Ship Reproduction
Save The Whales Reproduction
SCSIcide Homebrew
Sea Battle Reproduction
Seaweed Assault Homebrew
Seawolf Homebrew
Secret Agent Reproduction
Shaman, The Homebrew
Shield Shifter Homebrew
Shooting Arcade Reproduction
Sinistar Reproduction
Skate or Die Hack
Skeleton Homebrew
Skeleton+ Homebrew
Ski Run Reproduction
Sky Patrol Reproduction
Slot Invaders Hack
Smash Hit! Homebrew
Smurfs, The: Arcade Action Hack
Smurfs, The: Travel in the Hidden Forrest Hack
Solar Plexus Homebrew
Songmain Glitch Remix Demo & Non-Game
Sound Paddle Demo & Non-Game
Sound X Demo & Non-Game
Space Armada Hack
Space Battle Homebrew
Space Instigators Homebrew
Space Invaders Arcade Hack
Space Invaders Invasion Hack
Space Invaders Vector Hack
Space Invaders Vector Wars Hack
Space Raid 2600 Homebrew
Space Rocks Homebrew
Space Treat Homebrew
Space Treat Deluxe Homebrew
Squish 'Em Homebrew
Stacker Homebrew
Star Castle Homebrew
Star Castle Arcade Homebrew
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Ewok's Adventure Hack
Starfire Homebrew
Stay Frosty 2: Stay Frostier Homebrew
Stella's Stocking Homebrew
Steroid Pitfall Hack
Sticky Notes Demo & Non-Game
Strangeland Homebrew
Strat-O-Gems Deluxe Homebrew
Strip Off Homebrew
Stunt Cycle Reproduction
Sucky Zep Demo & Non-Game
Suicide Adventure Hack
Suicide Adventure II Hack
Sunset Drive Homebrew
Super Trash Truck Homebrew
Surf's Up Reproduction
Swoops! Homebrew
Swordfight Reproduction
Sync Homebrew
Synthcart Demo & Non-Game
Tanks Deluxe Hack
Tazer Hack
Telepathy Reproduction
Tempest Reproduction
Testcart Demo & Non-Game
Tetris26 Homebrew
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Reproduction
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Alternate Version Reproduction
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Double Ender) Reproduction
Texas Chainsaw Massacre / Halloween Reproduction
This is Tronman Hack
This Planet Sucks! Homebrew
Three.s Homebrew
Thrust Homebrew
Thrust Platinum Edittion Homebrew
Thrust Plus D.C. Edition Homebrew
Thwocker Reproduction
THX-1138 Hack
Titan Axe Homebrew
Toyshop Trouble Homebrew
TP-Bug Hack
Traffic Cop Homebrew
Traffic Cop: Deluxe Version Homebrew
Travi Demo & Non-Game
Trilobyte Democart Triptych Menu 2
Trilobyte Democart Triptych RC1 Prototype
Tron Guy Photo 1-4 Demo & Non-Game
Tron Guy Picture Cart Demo & Non-Game
Turbo Reproduction
Turbo Homebrew
UFO Patrol Reproduction
Ultra SCSIcide Homebrew
Unknown Game, The Reproduction
Upp! Homebrew
Upp!+ Homebrew
V: The Original Video Game Homebrew
Vault Assault Homebrew
Vault Assault Tournament Edition Homebrew
Ventrra Invaders Hack
Venture AE Hack
Venture II Hack
Video Demo Cart Demo & Non-Game
Video Life / Magicard Reproduction
Video Simon Homebrew
Video Time Machine Demo & Non-Game
Vong Homebrew
Wacman Hack
Wall Jump Ninja Homebrew
War of the Worlds Hack
Warring Worms Homebrew
Warring Worms: The Worm (RE)Turns Homebrew
Weapons of Past Distractions Demo & Non-Game
Westworld Hack
Wing Wars Reproduction
Wolfenstein Hack
X3V0LuX Hack
Xaxyrax Road Hack
Yahtzee Homebrew
Yankeemania Hack
Yellow Submarine Hack
Z-Blocks Homebrew
Zippy the Porcupine Homebrew